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Easy Money the PLR Way

May 9, 2013

Easy Money the PLR Way


Nowadays, in these dire economic times, we are often looking for ways to make a little money on the side. There are quite a few ways to do this, ranging from taking up a second job to starting your own business, but one of the easier ways to earn money is to earn it online. Making money off of your blog and other potential moneymaking schemes abound on the Internet – but one of the easier ways to earn money is to take advantage of the current trend of cheap e-book readers and start selling your own PLR eBooks.


When we think of selling books, we often have the image of being a bespectacled bookstore owner with our own dusty bookstore, but with the Internet, it’s all very different. You don’t need to be Amazon or Barnes and Noble to start selling eBooks’. This is because of the availability of PLR eBooks’. PLR means Private License Rights – this means that once you buy the product you have the license to change and modify them and to also sell them; you won’t be selling the resale rights though – which protects your investment.


PLR eBooks’ cover a whole range of topics and, if you know what you’re doing, you can reasonably sell a constant stream of them to generate a reasonable flow of income into your bank account. So how do you get started? First of all, you need to have the eBooks’ themselves. There are a lot of PLR eBook packages on the net – go for the best bang for your buck and buy the largest package that you can with the least amount of money. When buying, you also have to take note of the license that you’re getting – some eBook packages give you a chance to resell the books directly without any change in them; that’s a pretty good deal and you should opt for that one if you can find and afford it. However, most PLR licenses require you to do some editing to change the content a little before you sell them – this is fine; it gives you chance to create a unique product and unique products sell well.


After you’ve got yourself a package, you’ll have to determine how exactly you are going to profit from it. As mentioned earlier, you can just sell them as is or modified as full eBooks’. That’s just one option. Another option is taking apart the content from some of the eBooks’ or combining eBooks’ into a singular package. That would be a great way to attract customers.


When you’ve decided on the path you’re taking, you’ll have to build a storefront. A good website is key to selling those eBooks’; garish-looking websites don’t look trustworthy enough to buy from, so try to go for the understated, professional look. You’ll also have to take into consideration how exactly you’ll get paid – PayPal is a popular option, but there are several other payment schemes that may suit you. However, if you’re just beginning PayPal is the way to go.


If you’ve done it right, you’ll soon earning a profit from your PLR eBooks.


Blogging Tips for Work at Home Mom’s

April 9, 2013

Blogging Tips For Work At Home Moms

Blogging Tips for Work at Home Mom’sBlogging is one of the best ways to start a Wham business because it is so easy to get going. However, that does not mean that it is easy to make money from your blog. Don’t start a blog and expect to see money rolling in immediately. Blogging is an activity that will take time to build up to a profit level. It’s a good thing to start while you are working on other Wham opportunities to let it build to a profitability level. With time and attention, your blog (or blogs) will grow into a business.

When you are blogging for profit, you’ll want to pay close attention to how you present yourself in your blog. There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, and there may be several hundred blogs that are related to your topic. If your readers can’t understand your blog and have trouble reading it, they’ll just move on to the next one. The following tips can make your blog more user-friendly and help you gain consistent readers.

First, pay close attention to the format of your blog. Readers want to understand how your blog works right from the start. Most blogging platforms have similar formats, with links and tags on the left or right margin, and the most recent post on top. Make sure to use the links wisely. Only put links up for blogs or content that is truly related to your blog’s topic. The point is to give your readers additional information on your topic. Keep the list short and sweet. There is no reason to overwhelm them with links to other sites.

Also, take careful consideration when choosing your blog’s background and font color. Although there are a lot of color choices that blogging programs offer, its best to stick with a light background and dark text. Studies have shown that the human brain can process this type of format better than light text on a dark background. Think about this before you commit to a black background and white text. It might look striking, but readers might not want to stay there for long. Also, use a solid background color instead of trying to use a pattern or design.

Proofread your entries before you post them to your blog. There is nothing that reduces your authority in the eyes of your readers’ more than bad spelling and grammar. The online world is a world of text, so take some time to learn commonly misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Keep your blog fresh and interesting by posting at least once per day. With so much information available on the Internet, your readers may go elsewhere if you aren’t supplying daily content. If you aren’t sure what to write about, try posting a poll, a link to another blog, comment on a news story or post of list of helpful tips. Not every post has to be long and complicated, but you do need to post something everyday.

These tips will help keep your blog readable and interesting to your visitors. The more visitors you get, the more your blog will grow in profitability and importance. Just make sure to present yourself in a professional way and keep your readers coming back for more new content each day. In no time, you’ll have a profitable blog and then you can move on to create two or three.

Hello world!

December 4, 2008

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